It started with Sir Edmund Hilary. The dude said a lot of things about mountain climbing. One thing he said amounts to, "The only reason to climb mountains is for the hell of it." Doing things for the hell of it is what doing things is all about, says our boy Edmund.

Spending time on the internet liking youtube videos and reading celebrity bread tumblrs prevents people from doing things, going places, climbing mountains. The Dodge Journey would like to remind you that there's a real world out there, and you should go get in it.

For the hell of it.

The launch spot for the campaign:

Three Dodge Journeys were hidden in the three locations across the US. The masterminding and top secret logistical planning of the hunt was done by Greg Rutter and Mike Giepert.

Maps touting lines from the campaign.

TV: AD with Mike Giepert
CW: Greg Rutter, Casey Hall

Print: AD/CW: Beth Fujiura

CDs: Joe Staples and Aaron Allen